Rayna Hanna

In the spring I painted...
    A welcoming doorway through time
    A building forgotten decorated by this springtime
    A gift on canvas to your generation from mine
In the summer I painted...
    Pure innocent laughter floating on scented air
    The precious moment at a small summer art fair
    When a toddler giggled at my watercolor bear
In the fall I painted...
    A carousel, a memory sweet and clear,
    And sold it to a woman who held it dear
    For just half price when I saw her tear
In the winter I painted...
    Landscapes not of what will be
    But of what the world should be
    A gentle image for all to see
Today I painted...
    Children at play, scenes bright with imagination,
    My very own window on fresh inspiration
    Reminding me art is a start, not a completion
Tomorrow I will paint...
 R. L. Hanna © 2006



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