Rayna Hanna

    Two Old Bears Studio is the dream work of two retired police officers coming out of hibernation as a poet and an artist. R. L. Hanna, aka Poet Bear, writes narrative and verse to accompany Rayna's drawings and paintings. Rayna, aka Artist Bear, began her love affair with art as a child drawing horses and advanced to illustrating her school newspaper. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
    Rayna is both a practitioner of the techniques of art and of the magic of art. In her works are the discipline of pen and brush to create memories, romance and realism. This blend is the result of having one foot firmly fixed in fantasy and fun.
    Her works range from serious renderings of wildlife and historical sites to the whimsical likeness of teddy bears and carousel steeds. Memories to be fondly recalled or to be experienced, each to be savored. They are works of beauty and of fun in pen and ink, watercolor and acrylics.



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